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Most businesses face numerous difficulties with what is often considered the most important part of their business; sales and revenue generation. This results in too many missed targets, demotivated sales people and significantly reduced profits.
The Green Room have a track record in successful selling and overcoming the challenges presented throughout the sales process. Through this Red Flag media suits the needs of media different businesses; from providing an additional sales resource (actually selling product on the phone or out at meetings), mentoring sales people, writing sales strategies, literature and and presentations, to sales management and training. Whether its finding sponsorship revenue, selling space or your contract publishing services,
The Green Room  will assist your sales tea, drive revenue at every turn and help to maximise avery revenue opportunity, increase turnover and boost your profitability.

Getting the most out of existing products is the secret to success for most companies. Very often, businesses get too close to their products. They find it difficult to adopt new ways of working, identify improvements in their offering or generating additional revenue.

Launching a new venture is equally as challenging. This often requires huge investment and calculated risk. The time and energy to drive a new project forward, to carve the path of how it will work, is distracting. This usually results in taking key people away from core business; affecting existing revenues and, moire often than not, costing much more than the initial investment if it doesn't work out.

The Green Room is experienced in launching new ventured and adding value to existing projects.Ready to take on any project, The Green Room can set up systems, build relationships, drive sales and manage people and the project through its infancy; the most vulnerable period, through to its stabilisation and on to maximisation.


This expertise enables businesses to minimise their risk and investment, 'test' new ventures or explore new opportunities with an experienced team. The result is a successful launch, improved product or better service, adding true asset value to the business and enabling the project to have a longer term contribution to the business as a whole.

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